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Training for teachers

What is the TTT?

The Teacher Training Tool (TTT) is designed to train teachers in the teaching self and social competencies.The TTT includes information and practical exercises to relevant aspects for the four teaching-learning arrangements (TLA) 'dealing with criticism', 'team competencies', 'time management' and 'self-evaluation of ability'.The tutorial enables medial exercises and notes for the teachers at vocational Schools in the retail sector, which can be acquired and gleaned at any time and from any place.


Training objectives of the TTT

We show you within this TTT how you can teach and promote self and social competencies in retail with an already elaborated teaching and learning material in an optimal and easy way in classroom.



The TTT is based on pre-existing material that must be used for the implementation of the teaching-learning arrangements in classroom.

You can access the materials here.


User's note

To be able to use the TTT to its full extent, you need the latest version of your Internet browser. If you have any other technical problems, please use the latest version of the Google Chrome or Firefox browser or update your JAVA-software. Thank you.

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